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Channel Universal are a global import - export agency who specialise in the expansion of your sales market, by introducing buyers and sellers of all product ranges across territories worldwide.

Our business focuses on the following:

  • Channel - leveraging the potential in your Sales channel.
  • Universal - Analysing your target audience and identifying your best revenue opportunities.

Channel Universal provides a quality service to clients globally. The company specialise in:

  • Import - Sourcing products to fit your business and production needs.
  • Export - Sourcing and developing your customer base and buyers to expand your sales operation nationally or globally.

Our service is focused on maximising your return on investment through identifying a continuous pipeline of products at the lowest cost possible, for either supply or demand needs. Channel Universal will source a wide range of products that match all aspects of your business.

We continuously monitor and update our network of contacts to ensure we can offer a comprehensive service to all our clients. Channel Universal offer an unbiased and up to date service that will ensure you can make an informed decision.

Contact us now to see how we can assist and partner to potentially increase your future sales network and profitability


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